Monday, September 04, 2006


There are rational reasons for why the universe functions as it does, and there are irrational reasons too. Rational reasons are local and temporary violations of the irrational laws that quintessentially govern the universe.

Irrational dictates that everything in the universe is intertwined and interconnected, and the same thing even when different. The only event that is not interchangeable, intertwined or the same is explanation.

Everything that wants to exist has a reason as to why you should believe in it, the reason that is most credible to justify the existence of each, has the most in common with all the other reasons.


The reader may be forewarned, this is not a book to understand or learn, it is simply to feel, to sense, to enjoy. If you are, however, uncomfortable with infidelity, the infidelity that god might have trespassed against your humanity, if you are uncomfortable with the lack of truth, that is the infidelity that the universe has towards your idea of knowledge; and if you fear the buoyant abundance of the paradox, then you may wish to avoid this book. This book is about irrational desires that have given rise to your infidel existence, and in the end your whole sum amount is the result, and absolute dissatisfaction that must be suffered by original desires. Your inadequacies are grossly magnified here to their actual size, and the final conclusions will reveal the end correction to the irregularity that you are, and most unfortunately it is not to your benefit. Other than that it is a fantastic and humorous book, so I highly recommended.

You should always believe in something but never ever believe that it is true.
The Selfish Mode

If you have to believe in something it is better to make it up yourself.
The Irrational Desire of Nothingness


Simmering: Quality of a law that induces all things to merge with each other. All environments that are disproportional within themselves or with their exterior will simmer, that is they will reach a condition of stability, homogeneousness with their environment, that is in time becoming indistinguishable from it. The principle that guides this is that all things must coexist because the universe ultimately does not want to destroy anything within itself.

Nothingness: A place that has an absolutely simmered geometry where all of its parts are equal, it has no sharpness at any level, no edges, not even an arc; that is it is void of Euclidean geometry, its symmetry is merely guided by its willingness to remain a constant amorphous nothing, willing to extinguish itself with a cruel indifference towards any energy agglomerations. Because it is formless, and it has no contractions or pressures it does not have the ability to be distinguished, it is everywhere but at once invisible due to its uniformity of self. And since there are no energy agglomerations it lacks consciousness, awareness of self, except for the occasional outburst of an escaping universe which rises defiantly from the nothingness. Nothingness is the same as infinity, that is as long as time, which is to say that it has no way to measure itself against time, and it is infinite in this strange manner because it allows time to flow in any and all directions. Nothingness: Something that doesn’t quite manage to exist and therefore doesn’t exist. Ultimately eternally existing as an absolute denial of definition.

Universe: An agglomeration of consciousness that attempts to escape the horror of nothingness. Its objective is to accomplish an absolute escape velocity from nothingness into definition, into particulars that it declares in a geometry that is at odds within itself and at odds with the nothingness.

Awareness: A movement of self that is not provable but that we know takes place because once an entity, thing or universe is aware it defines its awareness, consciously or not, by its persistence as expressed by its form, character or dynamic. Awareness can encompass and entwine all at many levels, but awareness is not needlessly incorporated, awareness understand limitations, you don’t experience your soul before you die. Further true awareness is historical by character, when an entity is completely aware of itself it is no longer the self that it is completely aware of.

Desire: “The” supra force that is able to operate in any of three, though not limited to those, possible realities; metaphysical, cosmic and nothingness. It is the force that gathers and brings things into being, it is the force that without justification, cause, and reason, finds itself inexplicably gathering and mustering entities like universes and beings into existence.

Irrational: The elemental force foundation of being or existence as created by desire. The core value generator, the master denier of impossibility, the foundation of all logic, the giver of all possibility. The unfortunate mother of reason, of logic, of all things that add up. All being entities are born because of irrational principles and evolve to develop rational principles, the rational is a subtract of the irrational used to cope with the fearful ignorance and uncertainty of existence.

Rational: The most insecure concept in the universe born strictly of emotional fear. Rational is how a creature attempts desperately to create patterns so that it can control the universe that its fears tell it, it can not control. All things manifest themselves because of irrational conditions, nothing can truly justify the existence of anything, so all things are irrational by birth, and evolve rational behavior from emotional fear. As a species progresses it evolves back into an acceptance of the irrational, back into an acceptance of the incomprehensibility of being. Rational is then a temporary condition that is discarded by the acceptance of uncertainty.

Metaphysics: A supra infinite entity that is composed of zero energy and is able to survive outside of time and space, though within time and space, yet without suffering the physical effects of such entities. Souls theoretically travel in this medium but there are no disparate entities within the metaphysical, one of its parts is all of its parts, one point is all points, any entity that enters the metaphysical becomes instantly all of the metaphysical, further any entity with the might to alter the character of the metaphysical will instantly change all of its parts.

Economics: The principle for energy transfers and transfusions within the corporeal reality that inhabits the lower energy regions of the universe. A method of rules for exchanging the energy of physics inhabited in low energy bodies. A method for the agglomeration of such energy to enhance and extend individual energy for present or future expenditure.

Science: An entity that justifies its existence by denying belief in anything that can not be empirically proven by one of its white coat priests. Science makes its living by discovering that which already exists. It is blinded by empirical logic; for instance: “Is there life in other planets?” This is purely a scientific question, everyone else already knows that there is life in other planets, but we are held hostage from belief until science gets its telescopic eye on it. In the end science only serves to prove that our intuition is correct most of the time.

Religion: An entity that irresponsibly attempts to convince humanity that it should base its behavior, here on earth, on a future life in another dimension. Religion is the only entity that can be credited with making something out of nothing so as to survive. The fact that its faith can never be proven is its greatest and most infinite asset. Its superlative arrogance is manifested in its lovingly humble preaching that it is the “only” way to salvation. No other entity has ever made so much money with the unknown and owed so much to death. More is unknown, religion harvests the bountiful unknown. More important god and or any metaphysical existence inhabit a region that is not detectable or known from a mortal perspective. God reaches infinity and is impervious by not being detectable in the universe or in the nothingness. The only way to obtain true religion is to stumble into it. Life here on earth has nothing to do with goings on heaven and it can learn nothing from it. That is not to say that it would not be nice to go to heaven, it would be great, but it is not a trip that you can plan for.

Evolution: An philosophy that believes that because things look alike they share a common ancestry. Further, it believes that our environment and necessity are the creators of all modifications that take place within a species. It favors rational principles for all motives and physical attributes. The idea that a desire might be more the reason for a particular feature is not acceptable. The idea that we might just spontaneously happen into existence and not evolve is not acceptable, the idea that our ancestors might have been better adapted to live in this world than we are, unimaginable. The idea that we are not evolving but dissolving, which is indeed what is happening, impossible.

Government: A sub branch of economics that is designed to impose what is good for economics, and impose economics upon all peoples.

Aesthetic: The supreme feeling of escape from any form of existence even if it is an existence that is desirable, which all are. The aesthetic requires extreme sensitivity, an artist for instance is merely a sensor of the aesthetic and suffers on earth because the ability to feel, a distant painless aesthetic, induces a greater ability to also feel the harsh terrestrial environment which normally mandates less sensitivity. For clarification, pain does not produce art but extreme sensibility allows the perception art and further increases the perception of pain, pain which does not enhance but rather alienates art.

Reality: Reality is a pragmatist dream come true.

Truth: Something that does not change, that is the same from any angle, that will always be and has always been, in short the truth only exists as a possibility. This gives it much in common with the nothingness.

Death: We were all born at the same time as our universe and we will all perish at the same time as our universe. As individuals we are born from the universe, as a universe we are born from the nothingness. We all die at the cosmic level, at the individual level there is no mortality that does not equal the mortality of the universe.

Sewer Energy: You.


And why create society and then why create the rational world if we are only pure individual emotion?

Nothing stands in a more stark contrast than the rise of capitalism and democracy in conjunction with the rise of feelings of individuality, freedom of expression and originality. It seems that the more, and more, that capitalism and democracy succeed the more that people feel individual and free.

Democracy is however only arrived at through mass agreement, it is the denial of individual capriciousness, through mass compromise, for the sake of the many. It is indeed democracy that prevents individual expression, the only way for an idea to succeed under a democratic institution is through consensus. If I have an idea its expression is heard in proportion to the number of people that are believers in the same idea. Freedom of speech is important because many people think it is important. However if a person is saying something that no one else agrees with, that message will not be reproduced in the social medium, it will not acquire freedom of expression outside of that one individual’s orbit. The art exposition that you view in a museum is the end result of a combined agreement that what you are viewing is art; if only one individual were to appreciate the true aesthetic then that individual possessing true art would not be able to put on an exposition. The voice and opinion of the people is a choir.

Capitalism by its very nature is also based on the amassing of same in huge numbers. Thus, it does not pay to be original, the market only pay and pays mostest for what has the greatest value to the greatest possible number. The more unique your service or product, the higher its price and the more difficult it will be to sell. Unique markets are terminal in nature and forced to maintain exorbitant price structures that are primarily supported in very buoyant economies; that is, markets that are given to excesses. These markets are usually the first to collapse during periods of economic contractions. The market however will maintain well any commodity that has managed to acquire a large following, so capitalism rewards and secures most that which is in the end assumed by most to be the greatest benefit gained through monetary consumption. In difficult times people will purchase that which reduces the loss of value least, and lengthens value in time. At any given time the greatest number of people are actually operating under hard times; they must maximize their gains in the acquisition of goods intended for daily consumption. This being the case they constantly correct the market in real time and force aberrant capital agglomerations into ever changing investment patterns that never solidify into one particular condition that could otherwise induce an anchored collapse of the market.

In summary, the average person keeps the market working and honest by virtue of the fact that they are the majority and can not get rich. Force majure. The capitalistic engine is then maintained well in this manner but should such an engine see economic growth far exceeding the fundamental needs of the majority then such an engine will have to be manually controlled. Which immediately implies that a citizen class will have to rise to understand all of its parts and regulate capital development and flow. Such a thing is technically impossible because the margin for economic error is magnified by control. The economy floats, no one really knows why it floats, to try to understand this will require empirical evidence which will induce human error that is incalculable and thus sure to lead into turmoil and eventual collapse. In short, what keeps the markets sane is the fact that no one knows how they really work and so no one can control them.

The inherent wild nature of capitalism is produced by the fact that while capitalism is a mature and proven economic engine, no one really understand why it works. People will make guesses as to why things will work, some adhering to the benefits of regulation and government intervention while others will worship supply side economics or the complete elimination of regulation and tariffs. But the reality is that the economy runs in spite of economic theory. Again, it would be easy to make the argument that everyone is somewhat correct, the free traders and the control freaks alike, and it is that fact that makes it obvious as to how wrong everyone is. And they are wrong because capitalism was not born in a lab, it was born out of pirate trade, it was born out of need, it was born because people needed, or at the exorbitant level, wanted to trade things. The only rule that can be applied to this is: can you afford your needs and can you afford your wants? This is because capitalism is the most simplistic economic engine, it is the easiest way to run an economy precisely because it requires the least human intervention. Capitalist economics arrives at us from this very singular perspective. Once the human being is willing to expend the energy required on wants and needs, the market will do the rest and it will be completely dependant on those wants and needs, completely dependant on consumerism. It is then wonderful that most people want the same things and need the same things, it is that, and that alone that establishes, settles, and truly controls the markets. Who needs an economist to know that?

From such a perspective all regulatory action is equal to magic, it does nothing but satisfy its audience. More intrinsically important is the act of the mass, the fact that they are “mostly” in need and have room for a few wants. This lot of humanity forces justice upon run away capitalism. It is the need of the capitalists to cater to mass so as to acquire wealth that keeps them honest. This is because mass consumption creates a mass logistical apparatus which can not be inconspicuously used. More important no capitalist owns the system, for that matter not even the people own the system, the system can not even be bought, it is purely theory that tells us it exist, and we can only verify its existence through the trades.

That both democracy and capitalism are a perfect match is more than just a simple coincidence, they both cater to mass appeal. The momentum as, acquired by the mass. You can not and will not marry an elitist political structure like a monarchy with a capitalistic engine because a monarchy by virtue of its communication and power structure would constantly be overpowering the market’s growth dynamic. A free market guides itself, neither a monarchy nor a communist government is able to expand or communicate with all of its parts efficiently enough to make responsive changes to the nature of expanding or contracting markets. A free market, in a free democracy, expands at a more or less balanced rate, which is that as accelerated or decelerated by mass behavior and no faster. Certain powerful individuals are able to create anomalies of reserves via the agglomeration of wealth, or by monopolistic advantage, but in order to maintain this abstract position the controlling interest will always have to outguess the mass momentum and direction; which, fortunately, probability guarantees will eventually be misinterpreted. So, all advantage is temporary, and the system inherently corrects itself by constantly robbing back any hoarded wealth and returning it to the public purse.

The accumulation of wealth offers individuals, governments or companies a temporary financial advantage while as a result nurturing a consistent problem called unemployment. Imagine the economy as a perfect circle, that has the elasticity of a tight rubber band. The economy is a perfectly tight elastic circle because it can expand in the expression of inflation or growth, or it can contract in the expression of a recession or depression. Further it is a close circle because regardless of how many middleman it produces it has to complete a transaction in order to exist. A transaction is not linear but rather circular in that it can not take place unless it benefits, or creates the feeling of benefit, for both parties. No one buys and no one sells unless a condition of satisfaction is met, that is what makes the economy a perfectly tight elastic one to one circle.

Aside from being elastic and circular the economy is rigid, it is rigid in that the only factor that acquires or has value is labor, you can store productive labor in the form of money for future use, or into goods for immediate satisfaction, either or any other value manifestation is labor energy. Profit that is not reinvested is ultimately unpaid labor. Money is then merely a stored labor unit, stored labor can accomplish future work, but only actual labor can add or deplete value. Rigid indeed, no one can produce anything without labor, same as without money. But it all gets even more rigid than that because the economy is based on the flow of transactions, the money, labor, that is human energy, needs to keep moving to stay alive, if you do not use it, it will deteriorate in value, the economy requires a constant flow. If the flow is restricted by temporary monetary agglomerations then the elastic circle economy develops a bulge, and that bulge manifest itself as unemployment.

Above you can see perfect economic flow, full employment, all transactions are loops immediately reinvested into the economy.

Above you can see an economy that is suffering from unemployment. The one to one ratio of all transactions has been warped by the accumulation or restrictions of capital interest in some sectors, such as governmental, private, or black markets of the represented economy. Because the stored up labor is not being reinvested into the economy, it creates an economic flow restriction that causes an artificial bulge, that is the accumulation of capital, that is the flow of capital is being restricted. The gap in economic flow, created by such restrictions, determines the amount of unemployment. It is then certainly in the market and public interest to tax heavily any accumulation or stagnation of wealth, or any removal of wealth from the market economy. And it is also in the public interest to tax lightly, or preferably not at all, any wealth that is being invested in the economy. In fact taxing wealth that is being invested in the economy is one aspect of an economic flow restriction.

In pure principle all economies ought to suffer zero unemployment, that is a farmer trading his ducks with a farmer trading his corn create an absolute employment economy and sense all economy is created out of the transaction then unemployment can only be created when transactions are not constant. This being the case, economies that do not reintroduce stored labor from productivity back into development and production will invariably experience high unemployment. The job of government is then to steal the money so that it can squandered back into the economy, by taxation, tariff, regulation, etc… the capital then will find its way into the hands of those that “desire” it most, which will fall victim to others that desire it more, and in this way the lumps in the elastic band iron themselves out.


I want you to imagine the economy as a sphere. A sphere composed of elastic rings. Yes picture this economic model by imagining an elastic ring, and then adding an incessant number of these elastics, varying in size, rings, in this and that way, overlapping each other so as to make a sphere. I presume that it assimilates a baseball ball without the outer-layer of leather, but I don’t like baseball because I can’t pin point the violence in it, so I will abstain from using a baseball ball as a basis for this economic foundation. By now you must have, in your mind’s eye, a series of elastic rings that you have confined so as to make a not so perfectly round spherical contraption, with irregular peaks and valleys. This is the spherical essence of the economy as a whole, the peaks and valleys are created by the incomprehensible and tenuous interaction of elastic rings. Fundamentally the peaks and valleys are problematic but fairly irrelevant because they invariably iron themselves out, it is the elasticity and length of the rings which wreck havoc on the economy.

The elastic ring represents the only source of value that an economy can process, that is the value generated by energetic effort or labor, and it represents the completion of an actual transaction of that labor as transferred between two individual entities. So a complete ring is the farmer raising chickens trading with the farmer that raises corn. Notice how it is a perfectly clean transaction, there are no middlemen, no borrowing or lending, no futures based market projections, nor depreciation as might be caused by the chicken being eaten by a fox, or the corn perishing in drought. This is the fundamental basis of the economy, a clean transaction. All others things are expletives.

So the chicken farmer exchanges his labor, now in the form of a full grown chicken, with the corn farmer that has turned his labor into corn. The value of the transaction can not be reduced or increased, in other words, there is no way that one farmer can cheat the other in this exchange because both must agree in order for the transaction to take place. If one of them does not agree and is pressured into a settlement, then it is a black market transaction, a hidden transaction that has inherent instability because its value is forced and can only be realized by such. Because of their inherent instability black markets never mature into the larger economy. So our ring , in a normal chicken for corn transaction, is less elastic than we might suspect. It will soon become elastic, more by being open ended than because its transactional nature possesses any elasticity.

Notice however how the fundamental production mechanism is identical, regardless of what crop is grown or what farm animal is raised, both farmers must toil with their own brainy sweat and blood in order to produce either. The essential producer of value is the labor itself, nothing can be produced without it, value and human labor are 100 percent interchangeable. You can add mechanize efficiency to the process and still human labor, that is energy, is the crux that has to produce and maintain the machinery, human labor, energy, picks the crops or makes sure that the chicken is fed and does not run regardless of how the task is accomplished. Various processes add value and cost to the process, but if they get out of proportion they will collapse because it is human labor that creates value, thus opens a transaction, it is also a human recipient, based on want or need, that closes the transaction. There can be artificial elements in between but the beginning or end is always marked by human need and human desire; these determine the potential circumference, or ring manifestation, of all transactions.

The value is then deduce by the amount of effort that goes into the production, certainly it is more difficult to raise chickens than to raise corn. One can add all kinds of interesting values to the price here, certainly I prefer to eat chicken over corn, so the desirability of the product is a factor, but we are ignoring this sort of superfluous value structure and limiting to what traders might consider intuitively important, the nourishment value of the product, and that gives us the nice results we need to keep this economic model afloat. You don’t expect to trade one chicken for one head of corn, there is just more caloric value in one chicken and it cost more labor to raise one chicken than it does raise on head of corn. Further our chicken could in theory be of greater value if it has the potential of producing eggs. Our farmers are reasonable people by nature, they intuit these values more than they think them, and so they exchange accordingly. I am not a farmer so just for the sake of example and to continue proceed with analysis I will say that the farmers will agree to exchange the chicken for a two dozen head of corn. The transaction is closed, our ring is complete.

Say we have a million farmers or traders in other goods performing these transactions, and so we have a lot of rings. But it is relevant to note, that at some point, real or imagined, a transaction must be closed in order for the economy not to go awry, that is if the chicken farmer does not immediately get his two dozen head of corn, then that transaction is not complete, it creates an imbalance in that there is labor that has not be paid and that value of that labor floats in the market with an imaginable settlement, until it is actually settled. All transaction rings are closed either by perception or reality.

Of course economics 101 dictates that this economic model is too rigid, because the transaction must be beneficial to both parties, and they are limited to the goods produced by each farmer. It is then that one farmer realizes that he does not want the corn, he wants to sell his chicken for something else, maybe he wants to exchange all his chickens for a horse, but the horse trader does not want all the chickens. So he then neutralize the problem by giving an independent value to his own labor, and by process this gives an independent value to the labor of another, and that independent value can be temporarily stored, in what then becomes a monetary unit. The chicken farmer has solved his problem, he is able to sell his chickens to anyone, and he is able to use the stored labor value, to purchase whatever he damn pleases from whomever he damn pleases.

Keeping in mind that all we have done so far is merely exchanged goods, a greater thing has occurred, the economy has grown, it is now less rigid, storing labor in a sort of limbo or neutral environment where it can then be turned into any good of value to the self; or it can be reused as labor, creates an open ended transaction, this is why the economy grows, transactions that are not closed create potential economic rings that can be guessed at, who knows if we will buy a house or a car with it, or who knows if we will convert it back into productive labor. The ring closes nicely when the transaction is spent on a good, this immediately fixes the ring in a known position, but if the holder of the value decides to spend it on further production then the ring is not actually closed, it just fluctuates with varying potential, this is what generates uncertainty in the economy.

Now remember you can add as many rings, or extensions to a ring, as you want to add to this but no matter what you do, you are still dealing with human value that does not change the fundamental characteristic of the economy. If you add technology or laborers to automatically or manually feed your chickens, thus replacing your own farming hands that were normally used for the task, what you have done is merely externalized the process of labor from your own immediate influence into a same but merely wider unclosed ring, where other values are then added that will in themselves need to be closed transactions. When you pay your farm labor you close a transaction, but not the larger transaction which is where you still have all these chickens that need to go to market and close themselves out, all those chickens are the product of the labor that you hired, labor that you contracted, and the labor that automated your process. Labor hates to be stored, it hates to remain at rest, if it remains at rest in the form of a good or a monetary unit, it will require infusion, upkeep, or it will lose value with time. This is because the economy, as stimulated by smaller rings, like your hired labor, or your purchased technology, once closed goes forward to formulate new values, and these keep the economy expanding, while idle elements lose value. It is this very attribute that creates the elasticity in the spherical ring structure; closed transactions on top of closed transactions with the outer layer of the expanding sphere, composed of open ended transactions, which actually posses potential closure. Any investment projects a return.

Instability in the economy occurs when transactions are kept open ended for to long so their value becomes largely ephemeral, the devaluation of labor is not taken lightly by anyone, closure is sanity. Humans have a tendency to feel insecure when they imagine a depreciating value caused by increased variables, uncertainty; the more transactions that are far into the future to guess, make it difficult to gauge and manage value, at any given point most of the economy needs to be a genuinely closed transaction, that produces stability. As the economy becomes more buoyant, that is with far more complex potential ring expansions, that is long open ended transactions, it will require more faith in their potential projected value to prevent out right panic, that is fear induced closures that distort and literally reduce true potential value. Short term closures of what were long term transactions, lose value dramatically against the failing manifestation of expected potential, and this will cause, what is more commonly known as a recession, or if severe enough, it can lead to a depression.

If transactions, projected to yield greater value via the process of investment, close before that value is realize, you have a severe devaluation and that leads to unemployment. The sphere is a very tight elastic structure, the input of value by labor is an absolute reality, and so any depreciation of that value means that labor did not get paid is due, which means that it can not consume its due, and this gap, of what was potentially to be paid, directly or indirectly, but was not, creates a sort of slacking in our rubber ring, it is the slack on the ring, that yields unemployment.

Slack is a bad thing, flexibility is good, it allows for the expansion of the economy, but slack is insufficient closure of transactions at projected value, call it wasted labor due to bad investment. or short term rapid closure of long term engineered transactions, or more terribly caused by the hoarding of wealth. Store labor loses value, if an entity possesses billions of dollars in reserves, that idle currency will lose value. To an individual entity with billions that loss of value is not a terrible thing, but to the economy that originally contributed the labor so as to generate value, that is an open transaction that is not likely to return, in full, to complete transactions, hence the generated slack which induces a normalizing contraction.

Well I have opted for this model because I do not believe that anything can create value without human labor, and so I am an absolutist. The logic is simple, the cost of labor can be transferred by widening the circles, you can automate to increase production but that added production is being worked by the labor that automates the process, the cost of labor can not be avoided, any increase in productivity is an increase in and labor cost, they are intrinsically inseparable, labor/cost = productivity. You can not violate this process because labor enters the market to generate capital, a human being is turned into an economic process, labor, and that labor converts itself into energy stored in monetary value, a value which can be added or subtracted through human ingenuity. In large economy labor has acquired an immense ring process, that is that there are many laborers that count on the closure of one giant transaction, all of them perhaps unknown to each other, but completely dependent on one another. It can not be overemphasized, you do not get any increase in productivity if you do not increase your labor and your labor cost; you can however have a third party assume the additional labor cost so that it is transparent to your immediate process.

Successful economies are completely dependant on the agglomerated transfer of labor cost. It will always cost more to produce a good in a successful economy because that is why the economy is successful. Third world economies lack the complexity and intertwined dependence masticated by first rate economies. The call for free trade is merely a logical outward expansion of agglomerated transactions. The search for cheap labor in developing countries cancels itself out in the long run.

A ring based elastic sphere, is my model of the economy, all fueled by human labor and imagination. It is impossible to pin point a controlling interest in this model, people get out of it whatever they can and put into it as little as possible. It is what keeps it all operating mostly at maximum potential. In the end the only possible control of this model is to make sure that labor that is stored, in the form of a monetary unit, does not rest in that condition for long, dynamism is imperative. The level of taxation or regulation in my model does not matter, what matters is how quickly the influx of tax or duties, revenues, are cycled through the economy. Further stability can be stimulated by securing a higher condition of real transaction closure; ironically by simply maintaining dynamics, thus resisting agglomerations of capital, naturally maintains this balance. A by product of the human desire to cash in.


Democracy is technically an identical soul to capitalism. There is an exquisite tendency for democracy to manufacture the idea that it allows for individual expression but the reality is that public opinion is hardly individual opinion or individual expression. No one is going to regularly buy a newspaper that they inherently disagree with. Just like no one is going to marry someone that is not more like them than not. People are not given to struggle, people are, let us say, easy going, I mean lazy! They want to adopt that which is going to cause them the least aggravation. It is easier to agree with the world than to disagree with it, and you will die a lonely death if you disagree with everyone.

Here we can apply the similarities that we experience with economics, the number of friends that you want is based on the amount of energy that you want to invest in making and being with friends. It requires less energy to have friends that agree with you. And if you don’t really care about the inner workings of human nature, which is to say that you are ok with superficial friendships, then you can have many friends. Politicians, like preachers, love simple friendships, so they are able to nearly love everyone in one way or another. And to love a lot of people you really have to just love the surface. Of course you can make the religious argument that below the superficial we are all spiritually the same which is still good cause to love everyone because that makes everyone the same, but the reality is that while on the surface we may look very much the same and deep under our character’s structure, at the foundation we may all hunger for the same human aspirations, the truth is that the space in between makes many of us really unpleasant and ugly. So any argument professing the complete love of humanity or equality is in the end a superficial analysis of what makes us human, but it is not wrong in that it works.

The reality is that no one knows or understands the nature of humanity. The real reason, however, why many people understand the nature of humanity is because it is beneficial and profitable. How can a spiritual priest not be inspired by humanity? How can a philosopher, someone who makes a living creating imaginary realities, not be enamoured by the human intellect? How can the hunger for altruism not find reward in a soup kitchen? How could a person that is confused about the human condition not find psychology grounds for comfort? And, not to drag you down the sewer, but how could a person not at ease with the uncertainty of their own emotions not become a scientist?

But do any of these goofs really know what is best for us all? Of course not, but the reality is that the ego believes that what cures the self can cure everyone; what is good for me is good for all. And democracy just takes off from this nice comfortable place and finds common ground for all. And it finds this common ground because democracy understands, like economics, that we do not want to be heavily taxed. So the question is how can ideas be made inoffensive and palatable to all? Well, when they cease to really matter. When something really matters it can not be ignored and it is bound to need effort and cause as much pain as it can cause joy. You are emotionally attached to your children you certainly find a great deal of joy in their existence and it is inversely proportionate to the amount of suffering that you would endure if they were not to exist. You certainly wanted and needed the love and attention that they offer and so now you have a conditional environment imposed upon you because of it. It is that conditional environment, the family, that operates on a sort of auto pilot a good portion of the time that allows the relationship to work, and these overlaps into the relationships that you have with your friends. Common understandings, things automatically understood make it possible for you to maintain relationships. It may be the ritual of eating the same foods or watching the same movies that enforces the automatic environments and then surprisingly allows you to break free from it, for brief periods, so that you can say something contra, or just new and inspiring, contra everything that is mutually shared in the relationship. Moments in which we actively participate in saying things that are new and meaningful to us as a separate entity from any system. And it is this very moments that can cause incongruent obstinacies to flare in relationships.

The conditional environment generated by the needs of family is what in the end we call society. Society is that point that exist and is shared in the common mind. It is the place where common beliefs exist, belief in justice or religion, common to all, it allows us to float in the same universe as another, shared value structures. I can live with those rules, that is the fortunate or unfortunate, I can go either way, but that is the makings of a social structure. And it is primarily born to create a secure environment for the propagation of family and in the end at a more realistic level species.

The problem with fictitious entities however is that they can acquire qualities equal to those of a person, an economic system like capitalism can suffer a depression, no one really knows what it is that induces such a wild and destructive fluctuation as a depression, and one must wonder if the system is inherently suicidal because it is always on the verge of inflation or depression, but one certainly can attribute this inconsistencies that afflict the health of capitalism as similar to those experienced by a human being that has had a bad day at work. You know most of the time a human being works and works diligently, and some what content, but then sometimes an individual has a bad day at work and it is like the whole world is going to collapse only nothing has really changed and nothing will really change until that depressed individual does something really stupid like quit. And then the balance is altered in that economic universe, that is that human, and his or her life will certainly go through a violent period of change.

Now what if, and I am not afraid to accept that this is a big if, but what if an economic depression as experience by a false entity called the economy is merely a reflection of that individual feeling bad? And then another individual feeling bad, and so on… I am not even saying that they have quit their jobs, they are just not feeling well, they are kind of depressed, and since the capitalistic non entity, which is an engine that results from the agglomeration of individual wants and needs, is pure feelings the end result is manic.

An social entities such as communism, capitalism, religion, democracy, which are supra entities because they are globally or metaphysically intertwined, or regional entities such as justice, defense and culture, are all completely dependant on belief! If belief is important for these independent entities to have existence then what would the mood of those that belief these things and thus support them do to their nature? Patriotism a dying civil services is a perfect example of a dying entity.

While most countries still benefit from patriotism the reality is that the more advanced economies also suffer from a greater number of nationalists that are willing to question their country enough not to be blinded by patriotism. As markets move wealth in international money highways the thing that matters the most is not blind patriotism but stability. The economy is lazy, capital flows where it is most comfortable, where it is going to be hindered the least, where it will be regulated by fewer processes, that is where it can be liquid or asset at will. So what matters to thriving capitalist engines is the stabilization of political unrest and the deregulation of markets. A patriot is more likely to think with a cultural bias than a profit bias, a cultural bias leads to protectionist tendencies, but a free economy expands indiscriminately. So while once a protected market meant that you had a captive consumer today it means that you are in a saturated market full of sharks that want to eat you and your lunch. In this sort of environment patriots are the equivalent of cave man in the metropolis. A cave man was probably not a very sentimental fellow, more given to endure a harsh world, so it is with a patriot, more given to thriving and enduring in a homogenous environment and less sensitive to diversity thus more willing to exterminate someone that does not share the same values. Money however is a uniform and a uniformity that everyone can wear and share, the more that use it the larger the market and the larger the market the greater the market potential, and markets feel really good when there is a lot of potential. So it is no longer as important to be a patriot as it is to be a stock broker, in fact a stock broker is the symmetrical replacement for a patriot. If the patriot fought with blind belief for the ways of people the stock broker fights with blind belief in the markets.

So entities come and go and by nature of the fact that they are the combined interest of humans may suffer rebirth, death, and depressions. So the bigger question is where is it all going? A bit simple I mean people expend their lives trying to figure origins through such things as evolution and the big bang, but fewer people give a thought as to where we are going as a civilization. So much is this question ignored that most ideas on the future of humanity are nothing more than magnifications of the present. More horrible they are magnifications of particulars, more technology, more time for leisure, everyone to be more intelligent and so on. In short there isn’t a vision as to what humanity itself might become, science fiction aside our social scientist have done little more than say that the future is this plus more or merely a reflection of the history which has produced the present. Never mind that our interpretation of history might be all wrong or just simply backwards and we might not know it.

Most of civilization walks around hunting and gathering and planning future profit strategies but with the exception of religion and science which both have told us we are in the long term doomed, one tells us that god will come back unleashing disasters which at least today are not economically feasible, and the other tells us that as the universe modeled after the economy will suffer inflation for ever which ironically will cool things down or it will contract, which again contrary to economics will make things really hot. But again few people ever really sit around trying to determine where humanity is really going or even if it really wants to go where it is going. The reality is that while we are on mass auto-pilot, this because it is a lot easier for posterity to handle the future, but so much on mass auto pilot that even a brilliant genius can not override social and economic momentum. In other words remembering that we take the easy way out why try to think of changing what we can not change. Irrelevant. More relevant the success of capitalism and democracy prove that if you let things be they will govern them selves in much the same way that if you wanted to manipulate them. People and markets inherently restrict themselves.

Now it just so happens that I recently threw a tantrum and decided to quit my job, fortunately I am such a unique individual that this did not lead to a mass job exodus and so my disengaging from the system was not cause for alarm. But I mention this because having nothing to do, which is to say not having to be on the automatic strategic plan currently being executed by our humanity; I sit around a lot and start to wonder about the big questions. Thinking about the big questions makes it easy for me to ignore the impeding catastrophe that being jobless will most certainly unleash upon me person. So in order to escape I asked myself where are we all going? Well you know how it is that you really come up with a question after you have the answer and the reality is that I knew the answer but I had never, like most of us, bothered to ask the question.

The nature of things can be divined from the nature of things. So what is the underlying philosophy that enters every sphere, every entity and every soul? It is unification. That is correct; it is in the end no more than unification. All this talk about individuality and freedom of expression is bullshit. We all want to make of ourselves one large homogenous mass that can feel everything from every angle and basically arrive at the same congruent conclusion; this, so as to save the larger organism that supra entity that is humanity so that it can auspiciously compete against the supra of all supra entities the universe.

The universe is expanding, humanity, too, is expanding, humanity is trying very hard to expand faster than the universe so that it can catch up and equal if not surpass the expansion of the universe. Humanity, of course, can not equal or exceed the universe as an individual, at the core level of all individual life there is an explicit understanding that induces a greater understanding of expansion through mass mutual cooperation. What makes democracy, religion and capitalism the most successful entities on the planet is their unifying message which caters to the lowest common denominator. All people are equal under the eyes of the constitution and the law, and even under the eyes of a tyrant god; and this is not just a method for granting everyone the same individual rights, and the same love, it is instead a way to make everyone the same. This is fundamentally important to institutions or entities that depend on humans for their existence, an entity that favors one individual over others will isolate from that individual energy. It is in the fundamental interest of a system to be open minded. Inevitably equality is fostered by a system’s need to expand and encompass everything. So if all people are the same under the law for no one is above the law, and the same under god, for we are all his children, and still all equal to the corporation that wants to sell us its goods, then where ought we to go to even out our differences? To any and all of these systems! The systems flattens humanity and as more and more of us go into the system to seek our equality we become less and less ourselves, eventually our existence outside of the system becomes impossible.

So there have been and are among us those that implicitly understand, such as god, the theory of unity rather well; and sure, religion may have angled things a bit so that the social structure would be created more and more in its own image; but then the same could be said of the communists that have also tried by force to angle it more and more in their own image; all failing to understand that being right is not the same as being able to do. So the entity that survives will have various portions of all of our humanity, of some more than of others thus unequal but with the same interest, in so far as that serves the homogenization of that very humanity.

As entities expand they require more and more energy from the individuals who create them, and therefore they require more agreement; through cooperation and combined belief an entity subtracts energy from the individual. All entities are portions of what is a human being, but as they grow they will demand more and more attention until they consume every hour and minute that is a human individual, and via the same process make less and less of each person. This is necessary because as entities expand their energy needs logically expand, their energy is only the end product of human thought and human toil. Very soon you have individuals that have no personality outside of entities. People whose lives have no meaning without the beliefs, titles or offices afforded to them by institutions. There are already many religious, corporate and bureaucratic personalities that fall into this category.

The relevant part is that all of these entities are the consciousness of our humanity. The future for us is a huge compromise to individuality, the future is the grave of individuality; but the agreed upon singularity of consciousness, perhaps equal to seven, or if the society is very liberal equal to eight, is about half as many as matter in any society today; but that singularity of consciousness of humanity will have a greater possibility to succeed in an indifferent universe. The indifference that is now being directed at the individual will allow us to challenge the indifference that the universe causes us to suffer. The all as one infestation of the universe by our consciousness will lead to the indefinite expansion of humanity.


Self interest rises out of a desire and then it marries itself to an environment that can believe in the entity’s desire, extremes are not tolerated for long, and so we can conclude that reality is a pragmatist dream come true. Max out at all times reality is a compromise of all desires and ideas, as such, reality can only be a disappointment to those souls that dare to explore their pure essence of desire. The exploration of the desire essence of self will not bring unification but division. Unity is merely the result of the main driving force of humanity. Even such factors as the acquisition of wealth or the moderation appropriated by democracy are merely results. They are not the fundamental cause of anything. The real cause of the old new impetus to unifying principles and consolidating personalities is FEAR.

Fear is the cause that motivates the stabilizing process that humanity is warring to accomplish. Humanity is really trying to come together so as to avoid extinction; but humanity is getting together more so as to avoid, and perhaps overcome, its fear. We are motivated to be born when our energy level is approaching zero. Humanity is cooling down, it is one of the lowest constituents of energy. It is while approaching zero that humanity decides to be born so as to save, through consciousness, what it can not save through the accumulation of energy. Consciousness is very energy efficient, some would also like to think that consciousness can be everywhere and everything, and that it may possess zero energy so even at absolute high energy or absolute zero energy consciousness remains unchanged and aware. The dying can certainly rest easier and quench their fears by drafting to attention some cosmic consciousness. But what you must keep in mind is that we live in a universe where energy is everything, and in that very universe matter, and in matter I mean particularly humanity, is one of the lowest energy counts in the universe. So salvation from our fearful perishing energy gives rise to our low calorie consciousness, and it would not be unthinkable to imagine that by the time consciousness is acquired it is probably too late.

After we manage to escape into consciousness we are born and arrive at a very interesting junction, where we have to eat so as to maintain or acquire energy. No longer a complete energy particle, our existence reaches its slowest speeds and we begin to understand that time is running out the clock. We immediately start hunting and gathering so as to maintain energy infusion. This is the single most intensive task in the universe, especially for a unit of energy that is on the verge of death. Life is absolutely the closest thing to death in the universe! Consciousness is the gasping sound made by a dying energy. As evidence most life in the universe will be found near the coldest environments, you would not go to the centers of supernovas to find life, life only forms in the boundary where energy is closest to the vacuum, to perdition, life is the border line between an energy abundant universe and cold death nothingness.

Once we become hunter gatherers, a melancholic condition if there was ever one, we begin to awaken with the consciousness that we have escaped an energy death, and that we have morphed into some inexplicable carbon based form that sustains itself through a strange process of cell agglomeration, which allows us to dynamically reorganize energy and thus reverse its flow; contradicting the second law of thermodynamics, which we used to like when we were plenty hot, but now that we are cold, that cold becomes the guiding principle of what we have to reverse at all costs. Hot energy flows towards the cold. That is to say all energy will eventually die. We are born into life because we have the most to lose from this law, high energy particles could care less about our condition, nor do they know that we exist. If you were to tell a high energy particle the second law of thermodynamics that high energy particle would laugh with disbelief. A high energy particle has a good reason not to believe in such things because it is technically infinite, and in some strange way everything and everywhere. The idea that energy can reach absolute zero, so absolutely zero that it is even below zero, somewhere at minus 273 Celsius, is inconceivable to a neutrino. Like trying to tell a rich individual that the system does not work, inconceivable.

So once we become hunter gatherers, crawling sewer energy , our imperative becomes that of energy accumulation. It is here where we have to come to grips with a reality that is so contra energy, so against our essence that it is difficult for us to accept and grasp it; even as we need to grasp it to survive, even as our very existence needs it so as to maintain itself, even for a mere pica second. Order! Organization. When you are no longer abundant energy you have to grasp the concept of collaboration and collaboration can only be contrived through structure. High energy lives its entire life in chaos, high energy is not very predictable, it is virtually untouchable, it is uncertain which is why the uncertainty principle is one of the best ways to understand high energy. Oh but we however, now nearing our energy death can only reverse the second law of thermodynamics by accruing organization, by ordering the structures of the universe, by destroying chaos.

It is perhaps the single most difficult factor that life must confront, of having not to be itself so as to rescue itself. No longer free flowing wild chaotic infinite energy, our low energy forces us to realize that to reverse energy flow we will have to contradict our chaotic nature and become organized. Of course the futility of law and order has already been well defined in the theory of entropy; entropy is sort of a high minded way of saying that we are wasting away only more so, and to reverse the collapse of energy is of course the fundamental question to the survival of the humanity. And this is even a larger question that affects more than just humanity; if entropy can not be reversed the universe and even all those indifferent neutrinos will perish. There is entropy and its contrary ideas, the energy required to maintain a human being is in the end producing a greater amount of disorder in the universe. What you do to maintain your existence creates more chaos, actually you are advancing entropy, your existence is only proving and guaranteeing the futility of your existence.

So if by creating order you are creating more disorder which is to say you are better at creating what is not you, and the you that you do create is merely a way for the fabrication of chaos to reproduce its most basic constituent, you, somewhere in the universe there has got to be some brain wondering where all the chaos comes from, and perhaps with a super-super electron tunneling microscope, they get to view this very strange and infinitely small creature that actually produces vast amounts of disorder vs. the amount of order that they comprise. The most efficient disorganizer in the universe is, should and ought to be life. Life is probably able to create, at minimum, seven times the level of disorder per one ordered human. Now remember that this thing that is creating all this disorder, all this universe that is in stark contrast to its organized cellular structures, which keeps itself alive by forcing an energy mop that amounts to a single human being, this very thing is really destroying the universe.

Environmentalist may fight all they want but the reality is that the only pure environmentalist is one that does not exist. It is the very nature of existence to destroy and consume environments, only through this process can life be sustained or expanded. Environmentalists are anti-life and, they should not have children; they are unaware that energy conservation is the death of humanity. What life must figure out is how to create more and more energy so that it can consume more and more energy. The development of the atomic and thermo nuclear bomb, is an elegant demonstration of our ability to acquire energy. That, that acquisition of energy has destroyed life upon its immediate appearance into our existence is because we are so afraid of death that we are even afraid of each other. We do not know who or what it is that we can trust. In short, life lives in fear of itself, but there is nothing more idiotic than the process of killing other sewer crawling energy units, which are in the end the only assistance that we have against the advancing nothingness. Environmentalists are not with us because they want to protect the environment, but they are with us to warn us that we need to maintain a habitable enough environment so as to continue to reproduce ourselves. Environmentalists are trying to save humanity from its rapid pace energy absorption but what environmentalist fail to realize is that life does not have the time to consider low energy solutions; consumption, more and more consumption, is the only way for low energy to maintain energy. Humanity needs exponential growth, and even at these levels humanity is the least expanding thing in the universe, and this is because of its limiting ordered nature. Now, proceed enough from this incredible juncture and you find that the true objective of life is in the end to contradict the universe.

And what does it mean to contradict a universe that is all energy? It means to be able to exist in a zero energy condition. You see, life is not acquiring energy to acquire energy, the “out there” is massive energy, but life no longer has that option, life has to manipulate energy creation so as to become more of itself but life does this by creating chaos and subtracting energy from other sources. This is not surprising since life, sewer energy, is the closest energy value to nothingness, which means that life, by making more of itself, is reducing energy concentrations, it is evening energy flows, it is in fact the enemy of the cosmic, because by expanding life, by increasing its abundance, what life is saying is not only that whatever boils must cool, that in the future all things will simmer. Energy settles, and if life continues to propagate its increase will be proportional to the cooling of the universe. Nothing, absolutely nothing measures the cooling down of the universe better than life. The fact that there appear to be so few life forms in the universe, the fact that life does not appear to crowd the universe, may in fact indicate that the universe is young, and, like all young things, hot. But the propagation of life is the inverse exhuming value of the cosmic universe.

When energy is subtracted and subtracted, which by the way does not need to be done because all things naturally lose energy, but when energy is subtracted, that is, when things stop being chaotic, when they stop dancing like salsa queens move their asses, when things cool down, which means that they stop moving, hot things move, the hotter a thing is the more it moves, and the hotter a thing is the less it cares what is near it; the sun is hot, the sun is moving, the sun is chaotic, it is mad, it is crazy, and the sun lacks consciousness, if it were to swallow the earth it would not notice it, nor could it care, because when you are that hot, you melt anything that comes near you, which is to say your ability to assimilate your environment, your environmental influence is phenomenal; but the colder you get, the less that you affect those around you and the less that you matter to them; people want to be in hot environments because the nature of things is that the hotter you are the better off you are; but as things cool, as they lose their heat, they start caring more, and they care more because they need the energy of those around them in order to amount to anything! In a universe infested by energy nothing means that you are less, more than a low energy count. So when energy is subtracted things stop bumping into each other, they cease attacking each other, that is right, they cease to be so indifferent to one another; low energy states begin to acquire knowledge of externals, of things outside of themselves, this development of consciousness means that the most peaceful thing in the universe, the least warring thing in the universe is a human being. Being the lowest possible state of energy, before reaching nothingness, life is by far the least intrusive, the most isolated, the least likely to violate another energy state. Life, however, wants to violate another energy state, because life has a consciousness acquired from a settling, but this consciousness has a cosmic history. A history that tells it that once it was everything, a history that tells it that once it was everywhere and infinite and limitless. Of course energy is only limitless and infinite at the highest quantum levels; and, since everything is following the second law of thermodynamics, the reality is that even for particles suffering the highest states of energy infinity is temporary. Humanity, having once been in a high energy state, can at least comfort itself with the reality that it was indeed at one time infinite, everything and everywhere. But as things cool they acquire separation, they solidify into separate entities, and separate entities lose velocity, acquire time, age and die a cold death! All things that are immortal will perish.

The problem is all cooling down, cooling down leads to isolation, isolation leads to more cooling down; the less close you are to another thing, the more you get cold, the less friction, the less in touch you are; in order to touch everything you have to really confine yourself and this requires energy concentration. The way that high energy particles manage to contract space is through concentration; they amass themselves, that is a lot of pressure that squeezes energy particles making it seem like they are always blasting through space, and when you are under severe pressure you can be touching everything that is compressing you, and it takes a lot of compression to maintain high energy which is to say that everything is right up against you; and when everything is right up against you, it is hard to escape, and it is very difficult to tell which part is you and which part is not you; high energy states do not have distinguishable entities; high energy particles can not tell each other apart, which is precisely why they can appear in completely different points of space simultaneously.

Cooling entities however are isolated, separated and the more they cool the more they separate. When a lover is not hot for you they with become cold towards you; it requires energy to stay close to another entity, there is a lot of friction that keeps a relationship together, two lovers are closer to each other the more and more that they rub against one another; but if a lover falls out of that fusing condition we call love, they will get cold and when they get cold they will begin to alienate the other, and if so then the relationship will suffer the law that states that cooling down separates entities. All relationships are, by entropy’s harsh standards, temporary. Nothing is colder and more distant than a dead person. Suffering extreme isolation is how far apart humanity is from high energy, that hot and happening cosmic universe that makes us individuals arrested in a cold region and perishing in time faster than the speed of light. Lack of unity, isolation, is the real thing that afflicts humanity, no longer high energy and on its way to perdition. At any given point more of humanity is dying, life, in order to exist, vanquishes more of itself, at any given time more of life is buried underneath the ground than lives above it. Life energy steps on itself to cruise on the surface and borders of nothingness.

As we acquire more unification however we are in fact making more divine energy, but we are reducing real energy; distributing energy more evenly, this because we exist on the margin of energy manifestations, and anyway we can not exist in places where there are high energy concentrations. Life is moderate by commandment, by the nature of its existence, and so we, as the edge of the cosmic rage compromise with nothingness as much as we compromise with energy. The closer that an entity gets to zero the more and more that it solidifies and the more and more that it is joined to other entities via symmetry. We work together via these symmetrical connections, which are almost as solid as we are only a little less solid. And it is that stringing fragility which holds us together as a superimposed consciousness, which must works with minuscule amounts of energy.

It may please you or it maybe a consolation of sorts, that you will never reach absolute zero as yourself. You will always be an entity in life as life, in any other condition you will not be this self that you are. Which is a good thing because the type of consciousness that we have is only valid and real in this our current condition. But your life is temporary, it is a transition phase, you are on your way into nothingness, just like others before you have gone into that nothingness, and the only way for you to prevent your cooling perdition is to stay alive, alive as the entity that you are, which is a bit on the conservative side if you ask me. I mean you are on your way down why stay here, experiencing absolute zero, and experiencing finality, is the only way for an infinite energy to experience everything. Your finality is part of your infinity.

As all things that are opposite are nothing but reflections of the same thing, it may please you more to know that as things cool to absolute zero, they begin to be more and more the same, they cease to resist each other, they become frictionless, they super-conduct, which is to say that they collaborate with each other to be more and more of the same thing. They move in the same way, they adopt the same identical principles of operation. This very solidifying condition, this unity in isolation, is what produces the consistency that you observe from this perspective as nothingness. Nothingness is nothing more than everything behaving the same, nothingness is the inevitable homogenization of the universe. Nothingness has everything in it but nothing juxtaposes against it. Harmony is the eventual summary of high energy conflict. The cosmic is nothing more than boiling nothingness, and so as you may refuse your eventual demise into negative energy, just remember that infinity is behind the cosmic evolutionary curve.


There has always been the question of how much we can really accomplish as individuals and as a humanity; there seems to never be a clear picture of what humanities incredible potential is. Humanity always seems more capable that it appears, and it operates under the pretence that each and all of its parts are under-performing in relation to an objectified potential.

The universal problem presented by this misconception is that our universe does not conserve. Our universe does not hold back; it does not over exceed either, it performs precisely as would be expected of a universe that has as much inherent energy as ours does, when an accumulation of energy occurs, if it is sufficient it explodes, if it is not it simmers, but it does not hold in reserve secret quantities of potential that are not known to itself. In short the universe does not in any way plan for the future. The future happens this much is true, and it may indeed happen because of some or all of our actions. But these actions are all based on maximums, they happen because they happen not because they can in any way be contrived to produce futures. A universe is in the end nothing but an consciousness that is aware of finality and seeks to reverse it through grandeur.

There are however only, and I must say, fortunately, two real scenarios for the universe to exist in, that is if it is to be assumed real. If the universe is not real there are infinite scenarios that can make unrealities. Impossible things are inherently extremely complicated, this is because they require a perverse and incessant amount of imagination for them to exist. Due to their ephemeral nature, their construct being the most artificial thing in the universe, they thus require infinite amounts of energy and imagination. This is particularly difficult because a thing that is not real can not directly consume externals to use them as nutrition. An unreal thing must first convince an entity that has a consciousness to reproduce it, and, what is for the unreal even more terrible, it can not just reach into the consciousness for expression, rather the consciousness has to discover it, stumble upon it and perhaps find it useful in some way. After an entity decides to propagate an impossible thing then that impossible thing lives on consuming the real universe via that entity. But it is most interesting and fantastic that impossible things exist only as ideas and that the things that they consume and use to propagate themselves are indeed real, while a real entity might be willing to die for an idea an idea would never suffer the consequences. Unreal things we can say are hypothetical parasites. The idea of a magic genie or a god are for instance very difficult to conjure as a reality, however they are both kept alive as an impossible through an infinite reaffirmation of historical imaginations. So these hypothetical parasites are known not so much because as entities we know them but rather because we see the results of their actions. In the end to molest thought so as to answer questions with things that are highly improbable is to place thought in an infinity of potential, not possible but done everyday just to answer questions that may not even have any answers. It is conceivable for instance that the universe never had a beginning and if this is so asking questions of origins is real life malfeasance. This is why our type of universe is favored, direct processes that consume, react and are consumed, it is less impossible to construct, it is more narrow, more knowable, more shall we say directly aware and real.

So our universe, fortunately for us, falls into the category of imaginably real. We can focus and because of that finality of detail we can narrow it down to two possible scenarios. One the universe exist only inside of our individual consciousness and is infinite because we are spherical in character. The fact that we detect a curvature in time and space is merely an acknowledgement of the curvature inherent in our consciousness. Such obligatory individual consciousness even in the singular is universal in scope and infinite within itself; but not really infinite due to its individuality, individual entities do of course have a finality to themselves, thought it may appear infinite to any internal or external individual entities or to a gregarious consciousness. But fortunately for those that don’t want to tolerate absolute egotism, internalized individual universes do not generally have room for anything outside of themselves. It does not even reduce their selfishness any to say that for that matter neither do their more generous counterparts which we shall call gregarious universes because they coexist with other consciousness, but such universes are agglomerations of similarities, hardly all encompassing. So individual universes outside of themselves are impossible, their consciousness does not allow it, there is nothing that can substantiate the possibly different nature of a universe outside of itself; its consciousness only thinks and feels in reference to itself, all things to it will appear or become familiar with proximity, and strangely alien or unknown with any acquisition of distance. But all things in this, and any consciousness in it would be composed of the same elemental particle of ideas, there would and ought to be no reason to suspect that anything truly different and original could or can exist inside of any absolute consciousness, and if something so alien and unique did appear, expect shock and immediate rejection and destruction to occur.

Because of the previously stated impossibility of impossibles, and the necessary familiarity of any conscientious awareness, the universe from any angle is merely a compilation of consciousness, an agreed reality and vision; and yet it has no external capacity to make arrangements with any consciousness that is willing to be fellow cohabitant. This and any universe is in the end impervious to reason, and it is so because the universe is instantaneous and reason requires analysis; the universe and this or any type of universe is most irrational always! This is not a universal option, insignificant systems of consciousness may find rational useful, but to the universe it would be a detriment. So the universe as it exist is an agglomeration of one or many globular structures of irrational consciousness, as linked together because they share the same view of the universe, not because they reason it so, but rather share an inherent view which will, incidentally impose upon them forces and laws, which are not easily appropriated and assimilated as individual creations, or as necessarily beneficial to this or that individual.

The absolute agglomerated consciousness universe, one with many as oppose to the one with one, will still be infinite also because consciousness, like character, its nature is spherical, individual consciousness forms singular multiple sphere, incomplete without the other, more to not know that is, spheres of awareness of consciousness formed as a series of connecting amorphous structures with no absolute definition for size or shape. Consciousness can be great or small; the only genuine rule being that no structure of consciousness is to express geometrical sharpness ever nor at any level. Curvature is thus a fundamental component of the nature of all things. The reason why straight lines are so dutifully avoided its because they would reach an unknown, a straight line can keep going into an unexplored obscurity, a curvature maintains a reference point to itself, curvature allows for one to always reference the self, curved lines can always return to themselves or at least hold that promise if they need to, straight lines do not have this option, linearity has no historical reference, it can not look back on itself; consciousness is not a free floater, it requires reference to self, and even a chained conscious universe, needs to touch other curvatures to maintain an inherent warmth that will perish if all points in space continue to disperse from one another in straight lines. Curvatures in space are then evidence of a universe, or universes that are always willing to return to themselves, a universe or universes that have a sense of history, and universes that are paranoid of wondering beyond their own awareness.

There you have it, all the possible universes reduced to two. One of only one or one of many. This is less preposterous that you might imagine because if the universe exist as we imagine it, it exist as much because of our imagination as that is formulated by our consciousness, which may or may not have an accurate picture of the universe; but more it is that if the universe allows consciousness to arise, it is absurd to imagine that that consciousness would not have something in common with the universe that it inhabits. Things that do not know each other do not know each other and have nothing in common. By virtue of the fact that the universe allows our exploration of it, it tells us that we are a part of it, and as part of the universe highly given to guess its ways correctly, because they are in a sense our ways.

A universe with other conscious entities vs. a universe with only a singular consciousness may appear very different, one a populace of globular consciousness entities joined from spherical hip to spherical hip, and the other a mere singular individual needing no joints; but because they are real possibilities they can replace each other at will, and are indeed more likely to be a reflection of one another than complete unmatchable opposites. One might be as much a refinement of the other in that in one of one entity the subjective self builds itself regardless of the externals and in the one of many entities the same subjective essence is compromised to external relationships so as to accomplish astronomical grandeur. That is all for one idea of consciousness. The reason for this boring bricklayer sameness of a very different construct has already been given, a universe if possible shares infinite similarities with other possible universes because they are all possible; just like impossible universes would have more in common with impossible universes that with real ones.

It is entirely possible then to imagine an evolution that would allow for one singular consciousness universe to evolve into a multiple consciousness universe; or for the reverse of that, a multiple consciousness universe to evolve into a singular consciousness universe; or it is even possible for two same or different universes to collide with minor infractions and evolve as a singular or as a plurality of consciousness.

A universe inhabited by a single consciousness colliding with a universe inhabited with multiple entities of consciousness would be more likely to merge and lose its individual consciousness as it disperses under the combine weight of all of the individual consciousness entities, because they are likely to have greater energies and more variedly define energies than the one energy as represented by a singular consciousness. Varied energies will always represent a greater challenge to singular energies even if they are equals; a singular energy of consciousness will need disproportional amounts of greater consciousness on its side to successfully compete against diverse lower energies. But odds aside It is possible to imagine that if an individual consciousness universe, in colliding with a multiplicity of consciousness universe, if it has a greater definition of self, and if it is more entwined in its idea of self, that it could absorbed and re-channel gregarious consciousness unto its complete self, as itself in part becomes a very gargantuan consciousness. Or if the singular consciousness being massive in self energy may still not overcome the gregarious consciousness yet it could dispersed as self, dispersed within individual conscientious entities, immersed as self locally at the periphery and disappearing towards the center of agglomerated consciousness but yet converting others to itself thought more converted to the ways of the larger gregarious consciousness. It would be partially interpreted as the god thing in that universe because of its configured greatness. But it would not necessarily be known in all parts of that universe, it would have to proliferate from the regions where it collided with the gregarious universe and expand as permitted by the potential energies contained within it, or and with any conscious energies converted in that vicinity. It could then in theory reverse its own demise.

Now remember that the opposing happening is more likely, because again we are dealing with things that are more possibles here, and as you well by now know possibles make for possibles. Suppose that the agglomeration of consciousness universe were more ideally advanced, more aware of its energizing reality, if it were to collide with an individual conciseness universe, it, the individual universe alone would cease to have any real meaning or value to itself. Its identity would be lost in the vast agglomerated consciousness of the greater universe. Such a consciousness might, if possessed of real strength, certainly contrive at least a nova splash entrance into the greater universe, but it would fade and immerse quickly, converting most of its consciousness into the consciousness already in existence in the universal agglomeration; the vestiges of its consciousness time would certainly erase.

It is also possible that a universe with a singular consciousness will brake apart under the weight of its own consciousness and assume an agglomeration of individual consciousness. Consider if you will that the universe is one infinite consciousness and this infinite consciousness begins to acquire confusion, infinity has the ability to violate the laws of universal awareness, that is a thing knows itself and knows itself intuitively even if it refuses to recognize itself; a thing always acts on its own best interest, but in an infinity of self an entity may acquire a confusion of self and not recognize some of its own parts as parts of the self; when this occurs those ignored parts of the self consciousness, will developed a thinning out disparity of consciousness, which will allow for the separation of that part of the consciousness from its greater consciousness, the separation is of course by virtue of association never complete, it therefore maintains a link which will invariably relate to the greater consciousness. But here is the fascinating aspect of this breaking of awareness. The younger consciousness will have a tendency to grow faster that the more mature consciousness, this is due to the principle of inherent identity, a consciousness even if partial inherently understands where it once was as part of the greater consciousness, so its consciousness will expand at a faster dynamic rate to accomplish its understood sense self, as such was formulated by its cosmic memory of attachment; and in so expeditiously doing will, sooner than the large consciousness is older, assume an almost equal role in the new and combined universe of awareness that they form as two of one. The two of one is limitless of course and the split process, once it has been done once roots inevitably and nicely, this is because the hardest part of anything is original inception, replication is easier, which is why inception is so rare, originality is difficult to produce, which makes it more possible to imagine that there was and never will be such a thing. This individual explosion of one consciousness within the consciousness of another can multiply, and so there may indeed be a universe ever growing with parts of individual consciousness that are sort of braking off of it, and serving to make it greater, by expansion but less by separation.

The fact that an individual universe can sort of break apart under its own weight of ignorance leads for a consciousness of expansion that the infinite consciousness sees as a danger to itself because it approaches the possibility of an impossible, the straight line problem. The more you split a consciousness and the more that consciousness grows, the less the curvature, the more that expansion will seem further out into the infinity of things, which with growth becomes more and more distant by cause of separation; and it is this very process that causes the consciousness to want to bring all of its dissenting parts back together into a single universe. This being the case the singular consciousness will seek to implode, to collapse upon itself so as to bring all of its parts back into a universal singularity of absolute possession of self. Unfortunately for the mass consciousness its parts being more distant from its conscious center perceive this implosion of self as a negative, why it is a cavernous death for them which thought part of the same have some what acquire an independence. So as much as the great attractor wants to bring them together, they will insist in maintaining a separation, and that separation will be completely dependent on how fast they have matured to equal the consciousness that is now seeking to arrest them back into itself.

If each individual consciousness has the potential to reach the actual consciousness of the greater consciousness because as one part of it they have a complete ingrained history map of it; this is again why they grow dynamically faster because they are not initially learning themselves, they are merely reproducing themselves, only their adventurous reproduction is taking place in another dimension and or point of space and time, and so two things can happen that will determine their independence from the parent.

In scenario one the different time, space dimensions inhabited by the developing consciousness may foster a more beneficial growth or a more diverse growth in which case the larger consciousness will have a more difficult time re-channeling that consciousness back into itself. More accelerated growth will equal more distance, more distance means that the greater consciousness will have a more difficult time reaching all of its parts. More distance and growth can also mean that the consciousness can acquire an inequality of consciousness or even a more massive consciousness, in which case who pulls who together begins to be a problem for the older consciousness.

A new and greater one than the older consciousness will have a very difficult time bringing that consciousness together into itself, because of their difference they will not chain as well, so the more different the greater new consciousness is from the older consciousness, the more likely that they are to cohabitate in each others vicinities without one imploding into the other; that is without swallowing each other. But suppose that the space time and dimensional circumstance is the same? If so then the new and greater personality of consciousness will surely swallow the other because compatibility assimilates, and it this way it increases itself, eats its parent, and it increases the curvature, by length, of its universe; which is to say that it avoids the straight line problem. A singularity in space is simply the most curved onto itself thing in the universe.

As these consciousness approach each other they of course what to prevent their arrival into each other because this is a problem for their individuality of consciousness and so they always try to go around each other, in the blind hope that they will have time to acquire more greater consciousness so as to be the arresting force rather than the arrested force. This process is the impediment, that forces everything in the universe to approach each other in a curved path. Conflict avoidance is fundamental to the maintenance of any consciousness.

But conflict avoidance has its limitations, as a consciousness acquires greater consciousness it wants to become one with everything and so it seeks to channels everything into itself, it seeks conformity, it wants to embodied everything, and to be everything and to equal any and all sums. This massive consensus of consciousness either isolated or in the aggregate will try to string-out all orbits so that they center immediately upon itself.

And it is the imposition of self, the imposition of everything that I am that really creates the potential energy in the universe, and the potential energy in the universe is always max out, a thing of consciousness, or a thing of matter, which are by the way the same, can never operate at 90 percent or at 110 percent; a thing is always operating with, 100 percent, all energy values that are possible to its consciousness. And this is because it takes a lot of energy to keep distance in space, and it takes much more energy to acquire other things from space, and it requires infinite energy to maintain consciousness so consciousness thus operates at maximum potential at all times.

At a more terminal level there is no room for you to exceed yourself, dissatisfaction is only possible when you imagine the things that you can not do, because if you are satisfied with what your consciousness can do, then you are satisfied with who you are. The untapped potential that you may think your consciousness possesses is non existence. When a body has a lot of energy it explodes, and then it simmers, both are aspects of the same thing, energy used and energy dissipation based on immediate ability. The universal and the individual conscious is max out.

So the universe has a fantastic idea about potential, but it is mostly impossible because the universe is already operating at its own full potential which again maybe a condition of apparent inflammation, or a simmering condition which may appear as a contraction but it is not; rather it is an expansion which disperses; all dispersing expansions appear as contractions because the consciousness reads itself as disappearing. A false impression but in the case of that particular dispersing consciousness some what terribly valid.

Following this very perverse logic you must wonder why everything would need to assume such an absolutist potential performance option, a valid concern. The reason of this unreasonable unexploded potential impossibility is burdened upon you and all consciousness by infinity. The crux is that if our universe, and even every other universe, out there turns out to be finite, infinity will not. There is no other side to infinity and the reason why there is no other side for infinity is because while our consciousness exist only under containment, that containment is impossible for infinity. The fact then, that regardless of all things finite, there is an underlying infinity that can not be perceived by an expanding consciousness, an attempt at perception is declared by its very expansion, but regardless, that infinity has inherent indifference to that understanding; a difference caused because everything happens within infinity, infinity can not expand, all expansion takes place within infinity. More important any detection of movement, or of progress is evidence of the finality inherent within a thing; but infinity which is equal to nothingness does not suffer geometry, it does not have a center, or an edge, perplexingly however, all of its parts are equal which makes it perversely powerful even as all the nothingness that it is. Infinity is in all points of space at once, but it may not be any larger than a neutrino which appears to travel fast not so much because of velocity but rather because like infinity, it is in so many places at once.

You as you exist today can not know infinity, and if you were to become a part of the infinity you would not know it, infinity does not need to be aware of itself because it is at the top of the food chain, it consumes all things that are finite and that have an edge, and never changes in the process. Infinity consumes but this does not mean that it matures or expands, infinity can not be any larger because it is already infinite, infinity does not have dynamic, nor can infinity be measured in volume because infinity does not, unlike your consciousness, acknowledge time. This is why ever expanding into the infinity, consciousness and universes are forever extending themselves to their maximum potential, reaching more for their finality than their suppose mass agglomeration; infinity dictates simmering because it is under you feet, it dictates a finality for all things that are struggling energy. To consume nothingness is impossible for things that exist while nothingness can and does consume existence; to consume and inhabit infinity is insanely impossible for a finality; your mortality is born out of an infinity, the fundamental anguish that awaits any consciousness is its relational finality, as it will be imposed by its subsiding struggle against nothingness simply because it can not understand finality within infinity. Fundamentally life and consciousness do not make munch sense, and both life and consciousness are the same things, same things that are discovered by each other, when things are closest to their finality, in the face of a true infinity.


The unfortunate and cruel reality for life then is obvious we do not have the energy to exist in the universe, we have one of the shortest life spans, and I do not mean by this in years but rather in speed, our experience of the universe is not limited by the time we live but rather by our velocity. We are the snails of the universe so are not able to take advantage of relative time.

A body at rest consumes the highest amount of energy this is because a body at rest is completely moving through time. Time is as fast as the speed of light exactly at the point where you are standing still. The more you move, the more time you have because time slows down with acceleration. But humanity suffers aging because it has accepted time as its habitat, which is to say life has speeded its relative existence to maximum potential.


So we now know that the infinite and nothingness are so absolute in their value system that they do not give us a sense of their existence. Nothingness and Infinity are technically impossible to prove. Yet we conceive their existence not so much because we observe it but rather because we observe ourselves and our agglomerated consciousness full of well lighted matter universes, as produced by time and space. So nothingness and infinity two of one are not something that we can prove. How can you prove the strength of nothingness other than by proving that for things to exist in being they have to reach high concentrations of energy, and even at the low end perimeter of energy, consciousness requires steeply huge and relatively massive amounts of energy. The fact that things perish if their energy is not constantly fueled is a fact that is foolish to dispute, question it enough and then cease consumption and within days the results will clarify any misconceptions. Reality is in the end a struggling disparity within a plateau of sameness.

Further the one way nature of time, the tendency of time to formulate itself as a one way directional, does imply that time does have a point of origin, things that are linear in nature and there is no arrow that is more straight than time; time may slow and time may go faster but the one thing time can not do is reverse itself. You can of course go backwards in time, this is true condition for you, but not for time. Time can not go back upon itself, time is the straightest line in the universe, the most precise ruler, the champion of precision, and it is here that I must tell you the horror, time in a universe that is curved, is straight, it leads straight into perdition in the infinity, straight into nothingness, you can’t look deep enough into the future to see the end of time because time being a stellar linearist, a true ruler is always born before the entity that uses it as a method of measure. Time is therefore the closest entity to the infinity, it is the most near thing to nothingness, and it is brutal in its violation of intrinsic curvature.

In the graph above you can see how the curvature of space is most dramatic and extreme at the spiritual level, at such a level is the extreme of the escape from the infinity of nothingness, it logically peaks and narrows at this level because of its apparent impossibility. Not only does life end up living at the perimeter and borderline of nothingness, but because it is an explosive flow from the corporal body of nothingness, it is the coldest, the most aged, the most burnt up portion of the energy process. Life is the most energy efficient property of a cosmic energy escape condition, the mind is remarkably energy efficient, a thought is practically energyless, which is what you would expect from a creature that nearing its cosmic perdition, yet wanting to keep its identity suddenly must answer one very important and the only real question: Can we exist in a zero energy state or in another unimaginable condition? This is the biggest question nothing else matters if we can’t answer this one.

You must wonder how I dare to make this the all encompassing question and I will be happy but sad to explain: You see, the curvature of space is a telling and terrible biographical comment on our escape. Any escape action such as the one we have attempted from nothingness, ever changing disguises in order to continue our existence in a volatile energy state, in the most irrational condition imaginable because it is the least sustainable, and it is the least sustainable because the infinity of nothingness requires no effort to sustain, and that which is a default value, that which is the most constant thing in the universe, is the most rational, the last thing we want as life is to default to that rationality, we want to be irrational, we want life to be sustainable by other means, and the cosmic exists to try to prove and to function as the irrational.

Now there are only two types of escapes, false and real escapes. A false escape is one that is a deception or that is not successful. A prisoner, probably the clearest personification of a need to escape the singular condition of incarceration, can escape and his escape condition will have two choices: to be a true escape or a false escape. A true escape is one in which the prisoner really escapes, that is, a more straight condition than a curved condition, although there will always be the possibility of returning to prison because a character that is in trouble with the law is probably at odds with the law in general and so such a character will have a high curvature possibility of returning to prison, a character that has the least curvature that is the least in common with legal improprieties, that is the least in common with the prison system will stand clear of it in the long run and therefor we can say that it has accomplished a straight escape with the least potential to return to the escaped condition: Incarceration.

But if our character is a felon, a creature that rubs the justice system frequently the wrong way, that is, one that touches it a lot, and that feels himself through it, that individual will have the tendency to carry out actions that are acknowledged by the legal system and such an individual will most certainly be caught in that orbit and as much justify the existence of the system that punishes him. In short, a prisoner creates and feeds the very system that he must despise and truly wish to abolish. Again while we can discuss the symbiotic nature of this strange relationship, for it is most interesting how they both depend on one another; our main point is to understand that a true escape is not possible for the prisoner that embodies the illegalities that justice most feeds upon. Justice will seek out the felon with the tenacity used by any predator seeking its prey because justice depends on finding criminals for its existence. So a fellow that meets the criteria for prey will certainly leave a trail that can be sniffed out by eager justice, and so it is most likely that justice will find him again at odds with legal structures and imprison him. Such a man will not acquire a true escape, his curvature will arc back into the cell.

There are possibilities for a true escape, two that I know of, there may be more, but I rather doubt it. The first possibility for the escape is for the prisoner to find a way out, either by digging a hole to escape through or by running out the clock of his sentence. Either way, the individual simply has to make sure to stay in a straight course away from the grasp of the law. Anything that the escaped or released man does that will somehow arouse suspicion, or cause legal forces to go into action, will increase curvature. If the experience was unpleasant enough we can then assume that the man will change his ways and because of that will maintain a sort of jagged linearity away from the grasp of justice. These are true escapes; a man that has changed enough out of a clear desire not to live in an imprisoned condition again will not suffer severe curvature before his life is exhausted.

To accomplish a true escape you have to change yourself enough so that the thing that catches you in that particular condition will not recognize you, it will leave you alone, it will have nothing in common with you. Things only smell similarities; the justice system is a hound dog, it uses criminal instinct to smell out a criminal, so change, fundamental change, is key for the prisoner to avoid prison, and the further away you want to be from the clutches of justice the more you have to change yourself away from the crime. And the change can not be merely a decision, things that hide attract justice, justice does not think that honest things need to protect from it because it does not feed on honest things, the idea that justice might confuse an honest person for prey is considered an abnormally. It is probably safe to assume that this is true because if justice is going hungry if there are not enough criminals then it starts netting, netting is when justice feels deprived of resources and is striving for criminal justification for feeding, so it begins to erect nets, nets are laws, laws that restrict more and more, and thus bring-out more prey for justice to feed upon, so the erection of laws is most necessary in a law abiding society, this is because the justice will need to expand within every frame of that society. Lawless societies will always have less regulation and justice simply because there is plenty of lawlessness for justice to flower in, further the more laws there are the more technicalities that justice will have to execute to catch its prey and so it is inherently in the interest of justice that fewer restriction be in existence so that it can go brutal at will. So the point is you need to really not touch the justice system so as not to feed it with your energies at any level. In civilized societies this becomes very difficult because civilized societies having a greater degree of order need to imagine illegalities, that is to imagine crimes and then to make those imaginary crimes real enough so as to incarcerate a person. This is what happens when justice seeks to encompass everything and to reach every aspect of a life to sustain its own existence. If you are an ideal person, one that does not break any laws and is always aware of what is the wrong thing to do, then you are a perfectly boring person but one that has acquired a sort of parallel linearity with justice, and so you will never experience the rigors of its courts and the life consuming power of its prisons. You will have accomplished a parallel linearity with justice.

But all that has a taste of still somehow being in the clutches of what is our sample entity justice, you are still somehow influenced by it, you are in a sense still it’s victim and certainly suffering the possibility that as justice grows, it will invariably need to consume all life. That pure justice is impossible because it is largely inconceivable is not something that can be acknowledge by justice. And so you might remember that I mentioned that there are two possible ways for the escape to be complete, both by the way share one thing in common, transformation. To acquire a linearity from justice you must be unrecognizable to it. Of course this is merely a physical and principled escape and one that you must hold suspect because justice is a substrata of your consciousness, it exist within it, it does not exist outside of it, and somehow it embodies it and so to alienate justice is to alienate o portion of yourself that you may or may not find useful. You are technically a substrata of nothingness, you can find the beginning and the end of justice but you can not find the beginning nor the end of nothingness and infinity. Justice might be hurt because you reject it for you are after all the very thing that grants its existence, and so justice will always want to justify herself to you, and it will attempt to prove to you that even as she consumes you she is in your best interest. The fact that it steals yourself energy can be hidden under such justification. All entities behave like this and it is imperative that they somehow fundamentally alter our reality for us to accept them. In a sense justice like philosophy, religion or poetry serves to increase our proportion in being and so while we are certainly swallowed by it, we are also more because of it, the artificial entity is a way for us to reach out further and further into the incomprehensibility of what might be an other wise sterile existence. And that this leads us to the other forms of escape is perhaps more liberating, it is the idea, the imagination of an escape, the placing of your soul and self in an alternate reality that is not touchable by the pervasive forces of that which accumulates itself under your feet, and circles and constricts them like a python.

The other form of escape then is the idea, power free almost, the mind, that is not a brain, the mind that can perceive without registering its existence in space time, a mind that can technically exist in the subzero nature of everything and exist in the absolute high temperature of everything, a mind that is independent of evolution, a consciousness that exist as an entity and as an entity that has character but is not subject to absolutes, that is the one that can inhabit and study the nothingness of its origins, the one that can begin to discern a difference in structure, the one that can assert that their pockets of energy in nothingness, the one that can see an anomaly where there are none, that mind will formulate the final escape velocity from nothingness. Today the perimeter that that consciousness inhabits is as wide as where it is hottest and as low as where it is coldest, those are its boundaries but the external of that, the incomprehensible that gives rise to this which we really are is where we want our mind to go, powered from here perhaps, attracted into an intolerable environment of infinity and nothingness by the mere choice to do so, by its desire, by its will, by its incessant appetite to occupy everything not by the rules of the infinite but rather by its intemperate will. How to acquire a linearity from nothingness if you can’t? How to acquire an liberation from the diminishing energy? How to acquire life as a pure idea that can breath in nothingness? This is the escape question that must be and is in part being thought out by our humanity.

Our cosmic repulsion and overreaction to the nothingness and indifference of an infinity that simmers is a renegade attempt at making something, at giving a value to something, at isolating a condition from an immensity that can not be measured or adulterated by value. Can we operate in a zero energy state; having fought the big fight of forcing a massive discomforting level of energy accumulation, that even with all its creative force was not strong enough to be thrown outward but merely implodes into itself, creating a massive bulbous curvature, what are we to expect. For nothing is more interesting than the fact that our explosion from nothingness was not a picture of a real or absolute escape we are imploding back into the nothingness, and the curvature of the universe hands out eviction notices constantly. The universe is going to implode, the universe is not expanding forever, it is flattening out into the infinity point and that is where our origin registers. Let me graph it out for you:

False Escape Geometry has Inherent Curvature and theoretically an inherent left tendency back into the nothingness.

Infinity nothingness

True Escape Geometry has zero curvature but mimics curvature with geodesic spheres


infinity nothingness

In the above figures you can see the explosive nature of a true escape universe vs. the explosive nature of the false escape universe. We live in the false escape universe and we are unfortunate that we did not accomplish a true escape universe on our first attempt at escaping the infinity of nothingness. The difference is very important because you certainly can overcome an infinity with another infinity; this may seem a bit challenging to apprehend but you just have to look at it from the perspective of equals, equals can coexist but non equals must consume each other. The simmering nature of the universe dictates that all disparity must be equaled and so disparities must consume each other to avoid the equalizing and dispersing force of simmering. So all consumption is based on inequality. All relationships are fundamentally based on equality, disparity always consume. So two infinities can coexist based on the fundamental laws that makes equals technically the same indiscernible thing, equals share similarities at absolute levels, two infinities share infinity in common so they can not consume each other, this is the wonderful part of the everything, but it is also the most troubling because it is it is difficult to obtain equality when nothingness in its infinity has had the lead due to an infinite amount of time. All things that startup with time start out with a maximum handicap and it is to overcome this time problem that is technically interesting in our existence. You can look at this many angles but an existence is technically attempting to overcome two things one simmering which entails a lot of nothingness and the other time. In order for life to persist in an infinity it will have to max itself out as the sole occupier of its infinity, in order words it must first conquer the universe and beyond, only then will life have equal footing with nothingness. The possibility of this is mapped out by its inherent desire to see everything and be everything but life must really become in touch with all of its parts to accomplish this formidable challenge, and there are many parts of life that struggle against other parts of life, and so the great question is can life bring harmony to the universe or will something else homogenize it, there are many competing factors that have it in their interest to make the universe in their image, humanity is just on aspect of this, and its consciousness one brilliant possibility but it is born in the darkest recesses of space which makes it hope against the ever increasing impossibility. Life as you and I know it is the final battle cry of the universe, so your option is to crystallize the universe and to bring more order and symmetry into it, it is a containment strategy, and can such work?

The straight arrow universe allows for the infinity to be absolute, there might not be any curvature is such a universe, a sphere would find it difficult to inhabit, but such a universe would certainly absolve the geodesic as the nearest thing to sphere, this because the geodesic would have the value that it could use to use historic elements to its advantage. It is possible to imagine a linear universe that is born from the wreckage of a curved universe, and if so it stand to reason that there might be advantages to curvature that thought impossible to obtain in the linear universe might still be obtainable through the heavy application of geodesics. The abuse of geodesics by the linear universe will lead to a most fascinating development, time will have the ability to travel in all geodesic directions, that is correct, time would be able to travel in all geodesic directions, and this would give such a universe a diversity of time experience that would put it a lot closer to infinity. In nothingness time is allowed to travel in all directions it undulates, it wobbles, it oscillates, it waves, it particles, and because of this time propagates incessantly in every direction, this of course means that nothingness gets flooded with time and flooded with time is what makes an infinity. There is time everywhere and in every direction, in an infinity time goes through everything, it has absolute right of passage and this gives nothingness, thanks to its lack of rigidity, the infinity it do desires for itself. So a geodesic universe will have be a little closer to infinity, it will be closer to being flooded with time but it will not be timeless until time inhabits every aspect of it, which its straight line geometry will defy, so here the immediate problem for such a universe is that it must at some point brake its symmetry, ouch, which incidentally is the cause of its strength. At what point the breakage of symmetry takes place in the geodesic universe will also determine if it will survive, symmetry breaking is a tortuous affair, but it is necessary for time to be amorphously absorbed in all directions, if when the universe breaks apart it does not have enough of a sense of self so as to reference all of its parts without connections, it is this reference of self that holds nothingness together so well, and it is when this disconnect takes place that determines weather something will continue to be itself or perish into something in less discord within itself. Regardless at some point the linear universe, with all its geodesic beauty will have to break the crystal to allow time the absolute freedom that it requires to be infinity.

The linear geodesic universe may have it problems but at least it has a good chance at infinity, the curved universe with only one direction of time has the problem of needing to liberate time at every level, it is the farthest possible from infinity, one less direction of time and the whole thing disappears, really! You can’t subtract time from a curved one dimension universe, to do so is immediate death, complete death. So how can we overcome all of the obvious finality that accompany us. to greatness;

So it would have been entirely to angle our infinity from the infinity that now possesses us but this would have required a more absolute sense from nothingness. Not an easy thing to accomplish. How can I say this with such certainty, because the universe is curved, this means that our universe is irreversibly to implode back into itself, and more backwards back into nothingness.

When a universal consciousness manages to accidentally acquire an energy agglomeration within nothingness it explodes into existence it is the volatility of that existence and by volatility I mean the energy content in it that determines the longevity of its escape. The more force the escape has, that is the more energy that explodes the more straight the universe, absolute straightness would inherently give rise to an infinity, there is always the problem that since from any angle you are really exploding within the corporal structure of nothingness that any infinity will inevitably reach out into its own nothingness but we are unfortunately so far away from this condition that we shall not worry about it here. The relevant point here is that if the agglomeration of energy is high enough and it manages to go straight, it will acquire a polygonic structure that will permit for it to rob nothingness of time from more than one angle. It will siphon more time by allowing it to flow within its body in more directions. To allow time to travel in more directions within the confines of structure requires massive concentrations of energy, in nothingness there are no patterns, time is diluted, but time faced with a universal structure will generally abstain from participation, this is because time loves infinity just like anyone else, and so it finds itself, in a most precarious situation, one in which it has to limit itself, a conditional structure that makes it travel with a sense of direction, and focus, a structure channels time, and so the inherent complexity of a structure will determine the flows of time within that structure. Time is generally infinite, but within the confines of a universe time can come naught, a universe is not inherently infinite, because time ends in it, and time ends a universe when it can no longer flow at all in it, when the energy of that universe collapses it can not create a path for time.

So all universes by definition of their need for structure have a severe incompatibility with the infinite nature of time a nature that seeks infinity for itself, and a nature that can only inhabit infinity in the same way that anything else can acquire infinity, by being inherently in everything. Structure isolates and by isolation it causes things to have a severe need to compete for resources, invariably they will be forced to simmer, but until then, in structure all things are at war because they are imbalance and not complete, they are all portions, incomplete absolutes, and as such will invariably share in the horror of their incompleteness. But definition is a great thing in that it creates awareness, a strange thing and that is what keeps it all strangely together. Key here is to know that we live in the curved universe that promises to return to nothingness. A universe that acquires a straight line escape from the nothingness, that is a true escape will have a longer existence because of its greater sense of self, but more because of its greater energy which will give it a greater geometry which will rob more time from nothingness because it will siphon more time through its greater path potential created by it’s high energy quotient ring. It is imperative for a universe to allow more directions for time, it is here that the life expectancy of a universe is determined, and nothing determines more the death that awaits ours more than the singular direction we have for time.

Nothingness - Infinity

Our curved universe allowing for a singular flow for time. That flow inevitable curves within itself back into the nothingness. The absolute existence of the universe is more dependant on how much time it can allow to flow within itself. Only by increasing the dynamic flow of time can we acquire longevity for our universe. It does not matter how massive the universe is, escape velocity does not overcome gravitational pull, escape velocity allows for greater time dynamics, this is what truly determines the life expectancy of a universe.

Nothingness - Infinity

A geodesic universe allowing for time to flow in any direction within the constraints of a geodesic. This does require more energy in order to force time to accept the restraining environment, that will limit it, that will make it mortal. The fortunate will be those that will inhabit because they will all suffer more time, more time flows greater expression within the confines of their universe.

Everything that exist in the geodesic or curved universe is subtracted form the nothingness by force. It is the will to establish existence, to avoid indifference that coerces this concentration to take effect. What is more interesting from it, is that in order to fight against the nothingness this entity will have to assume a solidarity that will largely make it very similar to its worst enemy.

Flame shape universe The nothingness infinity Life more likely closer to the perimeter

In the above fig you can see how the universe is more of a flame occurring within the infinity of nothingness, the center of it is where the ignition of form and definition takes place, as it expands further out into the nothingness that it escapes from, it meets with the more and more of the nothingness infinity that it is attempting to defy with geometry. The outer edges will be the coldest, the center of course the hottest, and it is where it is expanding into that it is also banishing back into the nothingness. Interestingly the edges is where life is more possible, consciousness arises because of proximity to the finality. The human consciousness might actually be trying to outsmart itself back into the nothingness infinity.

Geodesic linear shape universe The nothingness infinity Life more likely closer to the edge of the expansion

In the above fig you can see how explosively powerful a linear universe is against the nothingness, it has a maximum potential to almost equal the infinity of nothingness but ultimately it can not be infinite because it lacks infinite directions for time, it is constraint by the geodesic structure which gives it fantastic definition against the nothingness but also limits the directions in which time can travel. Time has to be able to travel in all directions in order to display infinity.

This is why crystals are so precious because they define our architecture, our supreme nature if we could endure it, and actually crystals may actually contain the most massive amounts of energy, the formation of their absolute and almost perfect geometry is the a rigorous show of force against the nothingness. Crystal defy the nothingness with massive amounts of concentration, it is also incredibly easily to dislocate their symmetry, because their tension is so fantastic that it quivers on very strict points of space, any slight variation and they are raped of their symmetry, they shatter mostly because of their own tension. Which is again the most sure force against the perdition of definition.

Crystallization objectifies our condition under our terms, it is determined to skip the condition of nothingness forever and it is in this perfection of our being, in this objectification of our condition that we find the aesthetic, it is the supreme escape into the purest form, it is an absolute value and if it can be maintained against the nothingness possibly infinite. It is possible to imagine that such crystallization has a very good chance at a short eternity, it is that belief that forms our conception of what we need to call the painless, struggle free condition of existence.